From news novice to media master!

Introducing the Media Mindset Membership.

The ultimate mentoring and accountability group for consistent visibility in the press.

Case Studies.

Put PR at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Do you struggle to think of a story idea that is good enough to get your business in the press?

When you do get a story accepted by a reporter, do you wonder where your next newsworthy idea will come from?

Are you frustrated that you cannot seem to stay consistently visible in the places that your ideal clients gather their news?

If so, then our Media Mindset Membership is for you.

Join the ultimate mentorship group for learning how to get your business in the press and regularly secure media coverage – boosting your visibility, credibility and profitability.  

Let us keep you accountable for being both PERSISTENT and CONSISTENT in your efforts to get in the press not just once, but over and over again.

Be part of a community of diverse entrepreneurs at all stages of the business journey who all share the same visibility mission.

Let’s lift each other up and have fun in the process!

After our last APDO conference on 20 May 2021, I was so impressed with Write on Time’s approach that by 21 May, I received my confirmation of my PR Power Hour  booking with Michelle and Christian.

They both gave some great pointers, great advice and positive vibes that ‘I can do this’. I was so encouraged! 

I have since ‘appeared’ on three different radio stations for interview (some more than once), and on an Australian podcast as a guest. I have also had articles written by me and about me in local newspapers, homes magazines and lifestyle publications.

This has all contributed to the award I won earlier this year, South of England ‘Professional Organiser of the Year 2021/2022’ from Prestige Awards.

I wouldn’t have had the courage to do this without their positivity and enthusiasm. What also greatly helped was the 100 and 150-word bios that I also engaged them to write for me.

Michelle and Christian showed genuine interest in me, my history and my career – getting every last detail to boil down succinctly into something cohesive I could use.

I highly recommend investing in yourself and your business in this way. You can do it too!

Helena McBride The Space Maker
Helena McBride

Whilst Ingrid Jansen and I enjoyed media and online success in the UK before, promoting The Declutter Hub in a global market was brand-new territory for us.

In a PR Power Hour, Christian and Michelle taught us how to change the tone of our PR and capitalise on our expertise in a way we hadn’t explored before… 60 minutes of fantastic takeaways!

If you want straight-talking, no-nonsense expert PR advice, these two lovely people are just the ticket.

Lesley Spellman The Declutter Hub
Lesley Spellman

Well, both of my stories made it into the local press today!

I’ve simply followed all of the advice – trusting the process devised by Michelle and Christian. I’ve listened to feedback and learned.

Lisa Shannon  Transformational Therapist
Lisa Shannon

Michelle and Christian are great at getting a story out of anyone and then presenting it to the press in a way they can’t resist.

Lynn Parnell Founder of Logistics Partners Consultancy
Lynn Parnell

Michelle and Christian were speakers at a networking event, and I have to say that they were some of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to. They were amazing! They both took interest in each and every one of our businesses and took us through step by step of how to get in the press.  I highly recommend them both! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Janine McDonald Professional Declutterer
Janine McDonald

How does it work?

Accessed via a private Facebook group, this membership is strictly limited to 50 Founding Members and includes:

A monthly media masterclass

  • Spot genuinely newsworthy stories that already exist in your business
  • Master the art of writing professional pitches and press releases
  • Learn techniques for giving great interviews

A monthly mental wellbeing session

A session led by a Guest Expert to:

  • Overcome your confidence and mindset blocks
  • Build your resilience to knockbacks
  • Let go of imposter syndrome and lean into your expertise

A weekly #AskUsAnything live

  • Exclusive access to two PR Pros with 30 years’ combined experience of working in real-life newsrooms and press offices
  • Bring us your PR challenges and visibility conundrums
  • Strategic advice to save you from media missteps

Regular mini challenges

  • Take on our simple, achievable visibility challenges
  • Get our full support to complete them
  • Celebrate your PR wins!

Access to our Pitchers’ Den

  • Post your story ideas in our virtual Pitchers’ Den
  • Get our expert feedback so you know if you’re on the right lines
  • Each month, the person who pitches our favourite story idea will get a FREE VIP 30-minute hotseat with us to further develop your story idea

Plus even more...

  • Interviews with real-life reporters, podcast hosts etc: Find out what they want so you can give it to them
  • Talks by people who have had press success: Hear how they did it and the lessons they can pass on to you
  • Exclusive pitching templates: Use our words but for your own stories

Sound good to you?

How much does it cost?

Membership costs £49 per month (inc VAT).

Cancel at any time with one month’s written notice.

To be rewarded for your commitment to sticking with the process – and for our biggest cost savings – choose a six-month membership.

Pay £245 up front and we’ll cover the cost of month six for you.

The doors to the Media Mindset Membership group are now open!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a start-up business. Will this still work for me?

Yes! Some of the most newsworthy developments happen in the first three years of a business. Learn how to do your own PR and create good visibility habits for life so that your business can grow faster.

Is this membership only for people who have already been in the news?

Not at all! Why not learn how to pitch the right way from Day One so you feel confident and capable of mastering this skill-set.

I don’t think I have a story. Why would anyone be interested in me?

Lots of people feel this way. You are not alone in thinking this. Please be assured that we have taught more than 1,000 business owners how to cultivate a healthy Media Mindset and pitch to the press with confidence, so you can feel truly worthy of embracing all the media opportunities out there for you and your business.

I’m so busy… I’ve got so much on. I am worried I won’t have time for this.

You get to decide how much you engage with this membership group. Every talk will be available on #replay and you can work through our mini challenges at your own pace. The more you commit, however, the more you will get out of this experience.

Can I get bespoke advice, unique to my business, as part of this membership?

You can #AskUsAnything during our weekly Q&As and post your story ideas in our Pitchers’ Den for bespoke feedback on weekdays. We will endeavour to come back to you with our comments within 48 hours at the latest.

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