Our FREE ‘5 Days to Pitch to the Press’ challenge is back!
Have you lost your ‘getting into the press’ mojo?
Do you want to build on the progress you made in our challenge back in September? Perhaps you started with good intentions, but then life got in the way.
It happens to the best of us, so don’t worry… You now have another shot at press success!
We are delighted to announce that we will once again be running our FREE ‘5 Days to Pitch to the Press’ challenge – beginning on Monday, 22 February.
It’s designed to help you to think of something newsworthy to publicise your business and get in the press without spending a penny on adverts.
The registration doors are now OPEN.
The daily tasks take no more than 30 minutes and, if you take part, by Friday, 26 February you will have a professional pitch ready to email to a real-life reporter!
Last time round, some people got their stories in print within just 72 hours.
Others were commissioned to write for their industry journal, and one person got offered a fortnightly column!
If you want to see where the FREE five-day challenge could potentially take you, then click to register now.

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