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You have taken a HUGE step this week – recognising you DO deserve to be in the newspaper AND doing something about it!

But you are entering risky territory…

Without the impetus of the challenge, there’s every chance you could lose your momentum – especially with the Easter break ahead.

What if a journalist asks you to send them a full press release?

What if you have a crisis of confidence and start getting in your own way again?

Do you REALLY want to enter another 12 months without any clear PR plan in place or the tools to consistently publicise your business so that you stay visible, earn the wider respect you deserve and then reap the rewards?

After the ‘Pitch to the Press’ challenge I received online, as well as full-page newspaper coverage on my business, which has not only increased my profile but generated more book sales too.

The Media Masterplan Programme has helped me to gain more clarity and direction to proudly put my business out to the media and other marketing opportunities that may come my way in the future.

I now have a better understanding into my purpose and future mission, as well as being more confident in expressing my ‘Expert by Status’ and ‘Expert by Experience’, which has led me to where I am today with my business.

Michelle and Christian have helped me to create not only a 12-month plan, but even way beyond that, with so many promotional ideas that will continue to be used in the years to come!

Their expertise and friendly approach made the tasks so much easier to tackle. Yes, some of them do stretch you; however, I did not once feel stuck or anxious during the challenge and programme I did with them.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the challenge and programme to anyone who seriously wants to take their business to another level.

Tracy Gough

Nurse, Life Coach & Author

I have found The Media Masterplan a brilliant process – not just for the PR creation, but also to allow me to share broader thoughts about aspects of business. Michelle and Christian were both brilliantly supportive and a real positive force for good. My biggest outcomes from the programme have been learning how to generate a clear plan for a number of different business projects, and feeling empowered to speak with pride and authority about RAW Adventures and what we do.

Ross Worthington

Founder & CEO of RAW Adventures

Michelle and Christian manage to combine being ultimate professionals with a warm and engaging style of communication. My first contact with them was through their ‘Pitch to the Press’ five-day challenge. It was well structured, impeccably delivered and they hit the jackpot with it being both educational and FUN! Yes, it stretched me out of my comfort zone… but still within manageable limits. They accommodated my disabilities in an inclusive way, while still setting equal standards for me to aim at.

My pitch to the press was successful, and the skills I learned and tools they gave me will continue to help me succeed in raising the profile of my business. I was so impressed with their services that I signed up for a further course with them to create my personalised Media Masterplan.

Over the course of four weeks, I have added many more skills to my toolkit, and am now confident in my pathway to becoming a Thought Leader in my field. I have accepted that I am, in fact, an industry expert! So much so that, during the programme, I attended some industry-specific focus groups and my extra confidence boost from the media training has led to me being invited to be on the review panel of nationwide training resources in my field. I have also just submitted an expression of interest in being featured in a government initiative about disabled people who have achieved their dream jobs.

I would not have had the confidence to do this before attending this programme. If you are thinking of using their services, my advice would be to stop thinking and crack on with contacting them. They are gems of journalists (and they don’t know it, but I now regard them as my Press Gurus!).

Lorraine Stanley

Founder & CEO at SWAD

Choose one of TWO ways to put you firmly in the driving seat so that you know EXACTLY what stories to tell over the next 12 months – and when to tell them:


Get 1:1 VIP coaching to build your personalised PR plan! Let’s put the foundations in place so you can turbocharge your visibility and credibility over the next 12 months – leading on to rewards such as new opportunities and increased profitability, as well as the confidence that comes with feeling validated.

Beginning on Wednesday, 21 April this four-week programme includes:

    • A weekly task with a supporting training video and worksheet, which you can complete at your own convenience. Each task builds on from the last so, by the final week, you will have created a REALISTIC and PRACTICAL 12-month PR plan that is designed to keep you consistently in the spotlight. See at a glance EXACTLY what stories you should be telling, when and to whom. (Let’s make sure you’re NEVER your own best-kept secret again!)
    • Guidance on how to create a SHORT and SNAPPY statement that’s always ready to hand for when a reporter asks you for ‘a bit of background’ on your business. (Use it to communicate clearly and consistently across all your marketing.)
    • An EXCLUSIVE virtual contacts book containing the PRIVATE work email addresses of up to 10 reporters you have chosen to target with our expert guidance. (No more struggling to find ‘hidden’ email addresses online… We’ll research them for you – getting rid of yet another excuse not to take action!)
    • An exercise that’s designed to get you thinking like a ‘Thought Leader’ – recognising your areas of expertise so you can contribute to industry journals, case studies, ‘think pieces’, discussions and podcasts to BOOST YOUR PROFILE and EXPERT STATUS. (Together, we can kick imposter syndrome to the kerb so no more exciting opportunities pass you by!)
    • 180 minutes of private 1:1 coaching via Zoom (45 minutes each week) is included as standard – allowing for reflection and feedback throughout the programme.
    • PLUS get the Template Toolkit (worth £49) for FREE as an ADDED BONUS when you commit to The Media Masterplan Programme during challenge week!

Optional Payment Plan

To support you to manage your finances, you can select our OPTIONAL PAYMENT PLAN to spread the cost of the programme over two equal instalments.

Pay £398.50 up front at the checkout to secure your place; then the final instalment of £398.50 will be automatically taken a month later.

Take all the stress out of trying to publicise your business! Use our simple press release templates to tell five of the most popular stories that reporters know, like and trust:

  • Celebrate a significant business milestone
  • Finalist or award winner
  • Launching a new product or service (‘Inventors and disruptors’)
  • Charitable fundraising (‘Test yourself’)
  • National awareness days

Why struggle alone to find the right words when you can just use ours?

Coming in at less than a tenner a template, you could get up to five different stories in the press in the next 12 months by setting out your press releases using our WINNING WAY!

Simple instructions are provided, which are designed to help you personalise each template so they are totally reflective of who you are and what you do.

If you want to feel more confident that you can get more eyeballs on your business, boost your credibility AND create more opportunities to sell your stuff, then our Template Toolkit is a dynamite deal.



Get the clarity and confidence you need, so that you can get your business in front of thousands of potential customers over the next 12 months.   

Why this will work for you 


As two former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian Ewen have spent decades writing stories that have been featured in some of the BIGGEST and BEST newspapers in the country such as The Guardian, The FT, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sunday People and The Evening Standard. 

We’ve poured more than 30 years’ combined experience into creating The Media Masterplan Programme and our Template Toolkit to help you CONSISTENTLY get publicity for your business.

Get strategic advice and tools from actual real-life reporters who have worked for real newspapers – making decisions about which stories do and don’t get printed. It’s insider knowledge like that which can totally transform your relationship with the press, so you can pitch to reporters from a place of respect.



I absolutely loved The Media Masterplan Programme! Michelle and Christian’s business and media knowledge and insights have proven invaluable. I have never felt so inspired, confident or equipped in how to tell my stories, bring my business to life and inject my personality into my writing. This four-week course has been truly transformational. Michelle and Christian exude warmth and passion for their craft and are a pure joy to work with. The biggest outcomes for me are confidence that I do have a story to tell; inspiration on how to craft engaging stories; and drive and belief in myself to approach journalists and other media outlets.

Jill Huskisson

Personal Trainer & Body Transformation Expert

I have loved the Write on Time Ltd four-week Masterplan with the amazing Michelle and Christian. Not only have I now got a 12-month plan in place that is doable and I know will be effective for getting my work out there in the media, I have also grown in confidence and conviction in my work. I have left the Masterplan buzzing with some amazing ideas. Watch this space! 

Joanne Jones

Consultant Speech & Language Therapist

I seriously cannot thank Michelle and Christian enough. I completed the challenge and have managed to gain local press coverage. Michelle and Christian offer superb advice and assistance, and now I have the understanding and confidence to pitch to the press.
Grace Trowbridge

Founder of Simply Noir

What can I say about Michelle and Christian? They are awesome!
I am a firm believer that success starts with mindset; the lessons that I have learnt from both of these wonderful people have really helped me to shape that mindset when it comes to PR.
Since doing their challenge, I’ve had press coverage that’s even led to interviews with the likes of USA Today.
Thank you both SO much. I look forward to continuing our journey together.
Phil Peluchá

Coach, Host & CEO of Billionaires in Boxers

I had the absolute pleasure to hang out with Christian and Michelle on their free ‘5 Days to Pitch to the Press’ challenge. The challenge itself really helped me to identify my story; to understand how journalists think; and most importantly build my confidence in being able to pick up the phone or just press send and believe in myself, my idea, my story and sell myself.
And the brilliant bit… it worked! I was interviewed by Paul Ross, featured on two national radio stations and have become a regular talking head on my local BBC Breakfast show!
Christian and Michelle are full of care, passion, great advice and a lot of heart. They push you if you need pushing; they listen to you if you need an ear; and they truly care if you need a shoulder. I really enjoyed my time with them, I learnt a lot.
Jamie Honeybourne

Corporate Trainer & Coach

I took part in the free five-day challenge on how to pitch to the press. Christian and Michelle share their amazing knowledge in a friendly and supportive way, but also push you to think outside your comfort zone. They gave me great confidence in trusting myself to write in a simple way to get journalists’ attention. I’ve since written an article for my trade magazine FHT International Therapist on LGBTQ+ in the industry and what my clinic has put in place to be inclusive. It was featured in the  autumn/winter edition of the magazine. This course – with their help – gave me the confidence to even pitch it.
Caroline Boulton

Owner of Holistic Life Sports Injury & Wellness Centre

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