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Both of my stories made it into the local press the same day. I’ve simply followed all of the advice – trusting the process devised by Michelle and Christian. I’ve listened to feedback and learned.

Understanding the mindset of journalists has been invaluable for me. I didn’t give up or internalise it when journalists didn’t get in touch straight away, and I might have done before.

This is all massive for a girl that grew up believing that being ‘seen’ was unsafe. (I’ve had to do lots of work on that.)

But the challenge has given me the confidence and tools to go for it and, ultimately, make the difference that gives my life purpose.

Lisa Shannon

Rapid Transformation Therapist

You won’t believe the story I am going to tell you… I got an email from a prospect wanting a meeting to speak about employing an accountant. So we just finished our Zoom meeting and I asked him where he got my details from – and here he holds up the Banbury Guardian with an almost half-page feature on me. I was totally blown over! Oh yes, and the client is very happy and will probably sign up, which will give me a continual income of £249 per month. Thank you Christian and Michelle, you are the best.

Marelize Bott MAAT AATQB

Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd

I had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Christian and Michelle on their free challenge. It really helped me to identify my story; to understand how journalists think; and, most importantly, to build my confidence in being able to pick up the phone or just press ‘send’ and believe in my idea, my story and selling myself. And the brilliant bit? It worked! I was interviewed by Paul Ross, featured on two national radio stations and have become a regular talking head on my local BBC Breakfast Show!
Jamie Honeybourne

Charisma, Confidence & Communication Coach

During our ‘Pitch with a Purpose’ Challenge, we will reveal:


 How to connect your press activity to your BIGGER MISSION. Learn our simple strategy for overcoming your media fears so you can focus on reaching the people who NEED your HELP

 Your SECRET PR Personality so you can STOP trying to ‘Do It All’ and attract media opportunities that bring you JOY

 How to step into your power as an EXPERT – embracing that label so reporters see you as the GO-TO PERSON in your field

How to unlock your first newsworthy story idea in just 10 MINUTES, so you can kickstart some PR

BONUS FREE MASTERCLASS – Join us on Monday, 26 September where we teach you how to consistently get in the press – sharing stories that are aligned with your BUSINESS MISSION in CREDIBLE SPACES 

How it works…

You will get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our private Facebook group, which is only open to people taking part in the challenge

Each day in the group, from Monday, 19 September to Thursday, 22 September, we will go LIVE at 10am (GMT) – giving you just ONE thing to do. When you have completed the daily task, post in the comments and tell us how you got on

You can complete each task in just 30 minutes max and we will be on hand to help every step of the way. Meet other like-minded entrepreneurs who are driven by a BIGGER PURPOSE



Here’s how business owners like you got REAL RESULTS in our previous challenges:

I’ve just completed the FREE five-day challenge that Michelle and Christian run – the idea being that, in these five days, I can create my own pitch and send it to a journalist. It was AMAZING. Their information was superb. It was so well-organised and I loved being part of it. My story was published in the Daily Post and I have been commissioned to write a thought leadership article by The Institute of Leadership & Management. If you have a story to tell, then you want to have some of this in your life. I fully recommend them and also Write on Time Ltd as a whole. Thanks guys.

Jason Rawles

CEO & Founder of Aspire Adventures and the Aspire Leadership Academy

Thank you to Michelle and Christian. I’ve now been commissioned by the deputy editor of the International Therapist magazine from my federation (FHT) to write an article on LGBTQ+ diversity in my industry.

Caroline Boulton

Owner of Holistic Life Sports Injury & Wellness Centre

This is the only five-day challenge I have ever completed – testament to how lovely, down to earth and fun Michelle and Christian are! I found the content really easy to follow. They give tonnes of value and are really supportive.

I have had an article published in our local newspaper and I can’t tell you just how valuable it is to be able to stay visible in these crazy times – especially with press coverage!

Emma Belmonte

Brand Photography Specialist at Piero Belmonte Photography

Through fun, engaging interaction on live tutorials, a community of businesses in the UK and across the pond held metaphorical hands and delved into the unknown – all mutually pushing for inspiring and fresh newsworthy stories.

Finding a way to increase revenue and PR interest is a tough challenge. Breaking through those barriers helped me with my route to market and new revenue stream – selling Dotty Pontillist Art – and, more importantly, through this ongoing electrifying support I realised my press goals by appearing on regional TV to discuss my comedic capers and art antics. Without any doubt, Write on Time Ltd receive my score of 11 out of 10!

Matt Whistler

Owner of Dotty Pontillist Art

I have not long done an exciting and very informative challenge with the legends Michelle and Christian. These guys really know their stuff. I used their process and within five days was in the press, which was fabulous for my visibility.
Kat Jane Massey

Visibility & Confidence Coach

Thanks for a great five-day challenge. I picked up loads of great tips and you acted as a reminder to get my 10-year business anniversary in the paper. I would highly recommend this challenge. Clear, concise tips and support led to me being featured in my local newspaper. I have also, on the back of contacting them, been offered a fortnightly column. Happy days!

Beverley Jones

Managing Director at Awaken Coaching

I’ve been in the press a few times, but I really wanted some extra hints and tips about writing copy, and this challenge provided just that – helping me to hone my skills. As a result, I’ve been in the Harborough Mail – talking about my abseil in memory of my mum to raise money for LOROS Hospice. An anonymous donation got us to the finish line and we’ve now hit our target of raising £3,000 for this wonderful charity!
Jen Parker

Designer & Editor at Fuzzy Flamingo

Why this will work for you 

You WON’T be asked to ‘blow your own trumpet’ or air your ‘dirty laundry’ to get in the press.

You have FULL permission to only tell stories that align with your MISSION and BIGGER PURPOSE

You can say NO, THANK YOU to live radio or TV if you don’t want to do it and learn how to get visible on your own terms.

As two former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian have helped more than 3,000 business owners from all walks of life – people just like you – to take the first steps towards GETTING THEIR STORIES IN PRINT.

Their BRAND-NEW challenge is designed to help you to stop treating pitching to the press as a one-off ‘nice to do’ and, instead, to become more INTENTIONAL about PR – consistently showing up in CREDIBLE PLACES where you ADD VALUE

We begin on Monday, 19 September and, if you follow the daily steps to the letter, you will finish the challenge with not only a story idea to kickstart some PR, but a way to take a MINIMALIST MARKETING APPROACH to MAXIMUM EFFECT

During the live challenge, we will be showing up every day in the group with 100% commitment and focus. We expect the same in return, so to keep things fair and hold people to account, the least engaged will be removed from the group. Those who do the work and give their all will be rewarded with a brand-new outlook on PR to help make getting into the press something they do for life. 


Christian and Michelle are true masters of their trade. Their five-day challenge guided me through each stage and wasn’t called a challenge for nothing. It made me dig deep, think hard and resulted in a story being published in the Portsmouth News!

The way they break each day down with a small task builds on the final ‘Pitch to the Press’ five days later. I loved it and highly recommend their challenges. Feeling rightly chuffed with the end result!

Marian Timms

Owner at Marian's Holistic Therapies

Few people combine their professional experience with teaching skills and a genuine caring for people the way that Michelle and Christian do. Throughout the five-day ‘Pitch to the Press’ challenge week, they were professional, knowledgeable and tireless in helping me with all my questions and concerns. Their feedback was always clear and direct. They are incredibly talented and have a way of communicating that is both constructive and compassionate at the same time. Oh, and we had a few good laughs too – I really enjoyed it! I used to wonder how businesses landed in the press. I had no idea how to even get started, but now I know what to do and how to do it. With Michelle and Christian’s coaching, I just sent off my very first pitch to a reporter for my local newspaper.

Martin Misenhimer

Managing Director at Mize Online Media

I seriously cannot thank Michelle and Christian enough. I completed the challenge and have managed to gain local press coverage.
Michelle and Christian offer superb advice and assistance, and now I have the understanding and confidence to pitch to the press.
Grace Trowbridge

Founder of Simply Noir

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