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PR strategy & delivery


Spend less on advertising and get better results.


Generate new leads that bring in more business.


Feel good about being more visible.

Do you see other business owners in the news and wish you could think of something newsworthy to publicise your own business?

Have you considered entering awards but got lost with all the paperwork?

It’s frustrating when you want to be more visible, but you simply don’t know where to start. 

If you want to get your business in front of thousands of potential customers without spending a penny on adverts, or enjoy the awards recognition you deserve, then Write on Time Ltd can help.

As two former journalists turned PR pros, Michelle and Christian have spent decades writing for some of the BIGGEST and BEST newspapers in the country – including The Guardian, The FT, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sunday People and The Evening Standard. 

They have a proven ability to generate tens of thousands of pounds worth of media coverage with NO advertising spend and, as industry awards writers, they have a four in five success rate for finalist placings. 

Whether you’re a FTSE100 company or an innovative start-up with an exciting idea, you’ll be made to feel like the superstar you are!


“If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR” – Bill Gates


What we offer


As former journalists, we think like reporters and uncover genuinely newsworthy stories in your organisation.


Personalised PR coaching for business owners who want to increase their visibility and manage their reputation.


Expert recommendations on which categories to go for and writing amazing award entries so you don’t have to!


‘How to’ advice for business owners who want to improve their PR and marketing skill-sets. 


Top testimonials

Marelize Bott, Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd

You won’t believe the story I am going to tell you… I got an email from a prospect wanting a meeting to speak about employing an accountant. So we just finished our Zoom meeting and I asked him where he got my details from – and here he holds up the Banbury Guardian with an almost half-page feature on me which was in the 14 May issue. I was totally blown over! Oh yes, and the client is very happy and will probably sign up, which will give me a continual income of £249 per month. Thank you Christian and Michelle, you are the best.

Marelize Bott MAAT AATQB
Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd
Nikki Powell, Relax Kids Class Leader

Michelle and Chris spoke at a Bolton MIBA meeting recently. I followed their advice and a week later I had a story published in my local paper. Thank you so much both of you. What can I say? What you’re doing works!

Nikki Powell
Relax Kids Class Leader
Ryan Power, Entrepreneur at Salonology

Michelle and Chris were great experts on our recent webinar for our community of salon owners. Full of energy, full of experience and, most importantly, full of ideas which anyone could implement easily and see a positive result from. If you’re considering booking them, just do it. Thanks guys!

Ryan Power
Entrepreneur at Salonology
Becky J Field, Owner of Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design

I bought the Press Pack with little belief in my writing ability. After speaking to Michelle and Christian further, I wanted to see if I could get published and promote my business. 

At my second attempt of sending a press release, I was absolutely shellshocked to be published in the Manchester Evening News! In less than 24 hours, I had five bookings for calls which I am hoping will convert into clients I can help.

I cannot recommend this pack enough. If you are in any doubt, challenge those thoughts and go for it… The proof is in the print!

Becky J Field
Owner of Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design
Siân Pelleschi

Trusting Michelle and Christian’s background and fully appreciating their advice, I bought their Pivot Pack. Following their easy-to-use templates and guides, I set about creating a press release which I then sent out to some newspapers and online publications.

Being honest, I wasn’t expecting anything and wondered if it was worth the effort… It totally was! Not only was my story published, but also on the very same day it was sent!

I recommend the Pivot Pack to anyone who wants exposure for their business, but doesn’t know where to start or wants to pay a high price for it.

Siân Pelleschi
Owner of Sorted!
Nicola Woodhouse, Owner of She Could Sew She Did

I had been looking for an affordable option to help me in contacting the press about my business and so purchased the Pivot Pack. It took me a while to get my head around believing anyone might be interested in reading about my business, but I dutifully followed the easy instructions, submitted my press release to my local paper and forgot about it. Imagine my surprise when a week later it was published! Thanks so much to these guys for providing such an excellent resource. I wouldn’t have known where to start and could not have done it without you!

Nicola Woodhouse
Owner of She Could Sew She Did
Rick White, Brand Managing Director at Cardinal Maritime

Both Michelle and Christian delivered a really thought-provoking workshop for the Cardinal team in a professional manner; it was clear, precise and engaging. We all came away with some fantastic ideas on how to maximise the impact of our bimonthly brochure and newsletter.

Rick White
Brand Managing Director at Cardinal Maritime
Denise Freeman, Therapist & Psychological Consultant

Write on Time’s support and guidance has been invaluable in helping me promote and grow my business. Through their services, I was able to contribute to a leading industry magazine which generated valuable business and further publicity.

Denise Freeman
Therapist & Psychological Consultant
Duncan Rogers, Owner of Helion & Company

Christian is one of the finest copy editors I have ever worked with. His attention to detail is meticulous. He is a very clear communicator and takes a great deal of care to ensure he understands a job brief properly.

Duncan Rogers
Owner of Helion & Company


The people who make it all happen

Michelle Ewen

Michelle Ewen

Creative Ideas Engine

Over the past 20 years, I have generated more than £1m worth of free publicity and written every kind of winning award entry – including an MBE.

Having graduated with First Class Honours in Journalism & Script Writing, I worked for the national press – exposing love rats and scandals in The Mirror, The People, Chat, Take a Break and many more true-life magazines!

Aged 25, I then became Commercial Features Editor for Guardian Series Newspapers – specialising in persuasive copywriting for businesses.

Later, as Public Relations Specialist at an NHS Trust, I recruited Stephen Fry to front our ‘Stamp Out Stigma’ campaign; advised the Board; and empowered patients to share their lived experience of mental health with the media.

Key Skill: Writing kickass press releases and award entries.

Christian Ewen

Christian Ewen

Pitching & Proofing King

Aged 25, I broke the record for the youngest ever Press Officer at the FTSE100 company that hired me as an official spokesperson. I wrote press statements for Sky News and the BBC; delivered award-winning PR campaigns; and regularly secured broadcast and print coverage worth six-figure sums in equivalent advertising value.

I originally started out as a Commercial Features Reporter for Guardian Series Newspapers – writing advertorials and lifestyle features – after studying Journalism at LJMU.

Later, I worked as a Publisher for five years at one of the world’s leading non-fiction military history publishing houses in the English language. I took a project management role – proofreading and copy-editing manuscripts to prepare them for publication.

Key Skill: Adding that final touch of class to everything we produce.

Raymond Reddington

Raymond Reddington

Company Secretary

I was found wandering on the streets of Rochdale and then transferred to Warrington Cats Protection League. After a method acting performance worthy of Brando, I conned my parents into choosing me at the shelter. Named after a fictional criminal mastermind on Sky TV’s The Blacklist, I now only show affection on my own terms – and mostly when motivated by food!

As Company Secretary, my key responsibilities include making unscheduled appearances on Skype calls; walking across keyboards at inopportune moments; posing for social media; and eating up the company profits in snacks.

In my spare time I like to defend my precious territory; express open hostility to houseguests; and ignore every expensive toy I am gifted.

Key Skill: Mediating when my parents have ‘creative differences’.


£99 Press Pack

Learn how to get your business in the newspaper without spending a penny on advertising

  • Using our secret GOLDEN RULE for getting quality news coverage that truly connects with reporters and readers alike (you won’t believe how simple this is!) 
  • A short user-friendly video guide teaching you step by step exactly how to write a professional press release so you’re not struggling alone
  • A sample press release so you know what ‘good’ looks like (use it to copy the WINNING way we set out our own press releases, but for your own story)
  • Top tips on how to take a photo that TELLS THE STORY. This is really important to deliver the full package to a paper (story and photo) so that you don’t bust their inbox or get disregarded because it’s not professional
  • A simple telephone script and email template you can use word for word to make reporters SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE of you and your story (the reporter is your friend and you want to make sure you stay on their right side by making life easier for them!)
  • All our insider knowhow (from 30 years in the field) that you need to get your story published in print or online. We’ve spilled our secrets in this pack to give you the best possible chance of getting your story in the newspaper


Get Your Business in the Newspaper


  • Using our expert skills and experience, we will research and write a newsworthy press release about your business (with your full input and consent) to increase your chances of being featured
  • We will take a look at your business imagery and choose the best photos to send out with the press release so that you’ve ticked off another job for the paper, which means your story is more likely to be picked up
  • We will research up to 10 print and online news outlets to pitch the story to that match your business and ideal customers/clients (which is who we are hoping to attract!)
  • We will use our lifetime of contacts to speak to journalists over the telephone to maximise the chances of their outlet publishing the story; then follow up by email to double your chances
  • We will keep our eyes on the ball and let you know about any resulting coverage
  • You keep all copies of the press release to use on your website(s) and social media accounts for added publicity across your online platforms


    This really is a ‘Done for You’ service… you just sit back and wait for the publicity!


Single Category Award Entry

£449 (15% discount available for two or more categories)

  • Using our extensive knowledge of the awards industry, we will research relevant opportunities within your sector so you don’t have to 
  • We will make expert recommendations on which categories to enter (based on where you are currently in your business) to increase your chances of being shortlisted
  • With your full input and consent, we will interview you and gather the necessary information to present a compelling entry which fully meets the judges’ requirements 
  • We will write the entry on your behalf and advise you on what supporting evidence you need to provide to present your business in the best possible light
  • Once you are 100% happy with the final draft, we will professionally proofread the award entry for that extra polish!
  • We will submit the award entry on time in accordance with published deadlines (one less thing for you to worry about!)


This really is a ‘Done for You’ service… you just sit back and wait for the shortlist to be announced!


Pick our PR brains

Book your one-hour Zoom consultancy call for just £99

Let’s talk about more ways to promote your business and get cash in the bank!


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