A couple of weeks ago, Michelle spotted a tweet from the Lifestyle Editor of the Metro newspaper. She shared a rental listing for a flat in London that was too small to fit a bed in it. Michelle replied: ‘Wow, for that price you can get a whole house up north!’
After a brief exchange, she asked if she could feature their home in the paper’s ‘What I Rent’ series and the article was published online.
This has made Michelle and Christian feel wobbly in a 1,000 different ways.
It’s a national newspaper. This is their private home space. It talks openly about their finances.
But do you know what? Reading this could inspire someone struggling in London to make a move up north and enjoy a better quality of life.
It might help someone decide to adopt a rescue cat.
It means their niece Mackenzie Ewen’s artwork has been featured in a national newspaper.
And Michelle and Christian don’t get to talk about being visible and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone if they don’t role model that themselves.
So this is them walking that walk.

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