Would you love two former reporters to give you 24 ready-made, newsworthy story ideas to help you get publicity for your business? Stories that work in any industry or sector?

Would it help to use our templates to tell your stories, so you can simply fill in the blanks to put together a professional press release or pitch an article idea?

How about if you knew exactly where to send your story ideas to, so that your ideal clients know how you can help them, as well as how to look up reporters’ contact details?

How good would it feel to know you’ve done all the right things and ticked everything off the reporter’s checklist – making it easier for them to say: “Yes!” to your story?


More and more newspapers and magazines want to hear direct from business owners just like you. There’s no need to have a PR agency playing ‘middleman’ – and charging you expensive retainer rates for the privilege!

Instead, you can follow some simple steps to getting press coverage yourself over and over again.

Write on Time Ltd’s Press Pack© has been created with small business owners like you in mind so you can be your own PR person. The husband-and-wife team behind it, Michelle and Christian Ewen, have worked in real-life newsrooms and press offices for more than 30 years combined, so they know a thing or two about telling stories!

The process you will learn and the templates included have already helped more than 3,000 other businesses all over the world – everyone from solo entrepreneurs to SMEs with seven-figure turnovers.

Most of the business owners had NEVER pitched to the press before, so if that’s you, then you’re in good company.



  • 24 story ideas to get publicity for your business – no matter how long you have been trading for
  • A simple tool to help you figure out the best way to pitch your story idea to reporters – giving you the best possible chance of success
  • Instructions on how to write a professional press release, as well as five ready-made press release templates so you can simply fill in the blanks
  • Guidance on how to take or choose the best photos to go with your story, so you have saved the reporters another job. This is really important to deliver the full package to a paper (story and photo) so that you don’t bust their inbox or get disregarded because it’s not professional
  • Expert advice on which media outlets and publications to send your press release or article outline to, so you can be seen in the right places
  • Lessons on reporters’ etiquette, so you get a great reputation for being easy to work with

How does it work?

Marketing again and again to the same audience is a sure-fire way to exhaust your sales opportunities and get stuck in a rut.

And yet so many of us keep showing up in the same places – speaking to the same audiences because it’s the easiest option.

How might it feel to welcome some new faces into your world? To get your message out to people other than a ‘friend of a friend’?

Your local newspaper has thousands of readers. Some regionals have millions. Then there are niche magazines that cater to your specific sector, as well as national newspapers that need fresh story ideas 24/7.

Knowing what your story is and how best to position it is a skill you can learn.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and get in front of more people?

If so, then purchase the Write on Time Ltd Press Pack© for £149.

Write on Time Ltd is proud to work in partnership with Cats Protection, who share our passion for cats.

10% of Write on Time Ltd Press Pack© will be donated to Cats Protection via Work for Good.

 In the above photograph, Raymond’s bowtie has been attached to a breakaway collar for safety purposes.


Would you like personalised feedback on your press release once you’ve written it?

Upgrade to the Write on Time Ltd Premier Press Pack© for an additional £75 (totalling £224) and Michelle and Christian will give it that final professional polish!

You’ll also get 30 minutes with Michelle and Christian over Zoom to pick their PR brains on more ways to get publicity for your business.



Top testimonials

Marelize Bott, Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd

You won’t believe the story I am going to tell you… I got an email from a prospect wanting a meeting to speak about employing an accountant. So we just finished our Zoom meeting and I asked him where he got my details from – and here he holds up the Banbury Guardian with an almost half-page feature on me which was in the 14 May issue. I was totally blown over! Oh yes, and the client is very happy and will probably sign up, which will give me a continual income of £249 per month. Thank you Christian and Michelle, you are the best.

Marelize Bott MAAT AATQB
Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd
Nikki Powell, Relax Kids Class Leader

Michelle and Chris spoke at a Bolton MIBA meeting recently. I followed their advice and a week later I had a story published in my local paper. Thank you so much both of you. What can I say? What you’re doing works!

Nikki Powell
Relax Kids Class Leader
Ryan Power, Entrepreneur at Salonology

Michelle and Chris were great experts on our recent webinar for our community of salon owners. Full of energy, full of experience and, most importantly, full of ideas which anyone could implement easily and see a positive result from. If you’re considering booking them, just do it. Thanks guys!

Ryan Power
Entrepreneur at Salonology
Becky J Field, Owner of Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design

I bought the Press Pack with little belief in my writing ability. After speaking to Michelle and Christian further, I wanted to see if I could get published and promote my business. 

At my second attempt of sending a press release, I was absolutely shellshocked to be published in the Manchester Evening News! In less than 24 hours, I had five bookings for calls which I am hoping will convert into clients I can help.

I cannot recommend this pack enough. If you are in any doubt, challenge those thoughts and go for it… The proof is in the print!

Becky J Field
Owner of Westfield Coaching, Consultancy & Design
Siân Pelleschi

Trusting Michelle and Christian’s background and fully appreciating their advice, I bought their Pivot Pack. Following their easy-to-use templates and guides, I set about creating a press release which I then sent out to some newspapers and online publications.

Being honest, I wasn’t expecting anything and wondered if it was worth the effort… It totally was! Not only was my story published, but also on the very same day it was sent!

I recommend the Pivot Pack to anyone who wants exposure for their business, but doesn’t know where to start or wants to pay a high price for it.

Siân Pelleschi
Owner of Sorted!
Nicola Woodhouse, Owner of She Could Sew She Did

I had been looking for an affordable option to help me in contacting the press about my business and so purchased the Pivot Pack. It took me a while to get my head around believing anyone might be interested in reading about my business, but I dutifully followed the easy instructions, submitted my press release to my local paper and forgot about it. Imagine my surprise when a week later it was published! Thanks so much to these guys for providing such an excellent resource. I wouldn’t have known where to start and could not have done it without you!

Nicola Woodhouse
Owner of She Could Sew She Did
Denise Freeman, Therapist & Psychological Consultant

Write on Time’s support and guidance has been invaluable in helping me promote and grow my business. Through their services, I was able to contribute to a leading industry magazine which generated valuable business and further publicity.

Denise Freeman
Therapist & Psychological Consultant
Hayley Smith, Group Editor at Newsquest Cheshire/Merseyside

Michelle and Christian are extremely hard-working and skilled professionals. They can be relied upon to produce news and features content that is readable, accurate and written with complete attention to detail – and always within agreed deadlines. Highly recommended.

Hayley Smith
Group Editor at Newsquest Cheshire/Merseyside
David Morgan, Entertainment Editor at Warrington Guardian Series

Christian is a focused and efficient press officer who pays close attention to the requests of journalists. He is personable, relaxed and yet very deadline driven. In fact, Christian usually beats his deadlines and the press releases he submits are always accurate and succinct.

David Morgan
Entertainment Editor at Warrington Guardian Series


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