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Join us in a live training webinar (which will also be sent as a recording afterwards) that’s going to be fun and most importantly USEFUL that you can implement immediately and get that press coverage that makes you £££££££££

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We're hosting a live training webinar, along with a Q&A session, with my PR consultants and journalists (and actual real-life friends of mine) that covers:

  • Making your story press worthy straight from the mouth of people who actually know (journalists)
  • How to get into the local press (guaranteed) for your business - we have the INSIDER info on this one
  • How to write a shit hot press release rather than a yawny pants one that journos file those in the bin
  • How to spin out awareness days like a PR pro - I have the experts on this in the house
  • What to do from TODAY and the following 12 months to transform into an Award Winning business

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Michelle and Christian are great at getting a story out of anyone and then presenting it to the press in a way they can’t resist.

Lynn Parnell Founder of Logistics Partners Consultancy
Lynn Parnell

Michelle and Christian are extremely hard-working and skilled professionals. They can be relied upon to produce news and features content that is readable, accurate and written with complete attention to detail – and always within agreed deadlines. Highly recommended.

Hayley Smith Group Editor at Newsquest Cheshire/Merseyside
Hayley Smith

Christian is a focused and efficient press officer who pays close attention to the requests of journalists. He is personable, relaxed and yet very deadline driven. In fact, Christian usually beats his deadlines and the press releases he submits are always accurate and succinct.

David Morgan Entertainment Editor at Warrington Guardian Series
David Morgan

You won’t believe the story I am going to tell you… I got an email from a prospect wanting a meeting to speak about employing an accountant. So we just finished our Zoom meeting and I asked him where he got my details from – and here he holds up the Banbury Guardian with an almost half-page feature on me which was in the 14 May issue. I was totally blown over! Oh yes, and the client is very happy and will probably sign up, which will give me a continual income of £249 per month. Thank you Christian and Michelle, you are the best.

Marelize Bott MAAT AATQB Managing Director at Add-Worth Accountancy Ltd
Marelize Bott MAAT AATQB

I attended one of Michelle and Christian’s webinars and found it very insightful and practical! They are very helpful and are experts in PR. I love the fact that they are very knowledgeable and approachable at the same time. They share their knowledge generously with clients.

Kate Bollanou  Executive & Women’s Leadership Coach
Kate Bollanou

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