Dr Marianne Trent.

Founder of Good Thinking Psychological Services

Dr Marianne Trent

‘I know that whenever I get a PR result, they will be thrilled for me!

During my time in the Media Mindset Membership (MMM) group, my PR wins have included being featured in Psychologies, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent and HuffPost, as well as becoming a recurring guest expert on BBC Radio. I am approached most weeks to provide expert comment by at least one media outlet.


We all know that quick fixes don’t work. You need to make a commitment to PR. Michelle and Christian hold me accountable. I will always find myself distracted by a pretty thing to look at if left to my own devices! Group coaching happens weekly on Fridays at 1pm. I have moved my weekly personal training session to make sure I get back on time, and I make the effort to have something different to report back on.

Another way I motivate myself is to commit to a six-month subscription to their group and pay in advance. I want to see a benefit and get value for my money, so I have to put in the work!


Press coverage helps me to feel confident to go after bigger jobs. I am treated as being more credible because of my expertise being valued by the media.

When I am commissioned to write a paid-for article, Michelle and Christian’s feedback helps me to make sure it is as robust, interesting, useful and as credible a piece of writing it can be. They make sure things like my lead magnet are on point, so I can put them out publicly with pride. I am good at the content but, like anyone with multiple roles, sometimes my attention to detail can suffer.

Luckily, Christian is my Grammar & Punctuation Ninja! Michelle, on the other hand, is good at giving me ‘pep talks’ on Messenger whenever I need an extra boost. That support was especially helpful when I was writing my latest book, The Aspiring Psychologist Collective.

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Media coaching.

I was already doing some stuff in the media before signing up to the MMM, but I felt like I was flying solo. Now, I think of Michelle and Christian as being part of my business – my tribe – just like my accountant, VA and financial advisor. In fact, I don’t think of them as a PR company – rather, they are my ‘media coaches’.

I know that whenever I get a PR result, they will be thrilled for me! I never feel like they are just paying me lip service. They do genuinely care about the outcomes for me – and that personal touch matters above everything else.


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