Katherine Massey.

Founder of the Visibility Queen Academy

Katherine Massey | Credit: Aga Mortlock Photography

‘Every time you come to one of their PR sessions, it’s a masterclass filled with absolute gold.

When Christian first approached me in October 2019 as a potential contributor to the world-first #SheCan365 project, I asked him: “Why are you doing this?” Together with Michelle, he had set out to interview 365 female entrepreneurs in 365 consecutive days and tell each story in exactly 365 words – and all at no cost whatsoever to the women involved.

Heart-level connections.

I like to get to know the heart of the person first before committing to anything, so I started stalking (for want of a better word!) them both in Sue France’s Facebook group: Creative Connecting in Cheshire. I was following other PR companies at the same time to see how they worked but, watching Michelle and Christian deliver their guest expert sessions as a couple, I liked what I saw. I always go with my gut, and it felt right to tell Christian my story.

Making the media accessible.

When the Visibility Queen Academy first opened in September 2020, I wanted it to be a community and for my expert affiliates to be approachable and relatable. During lockdown, the whole world and his wife went onto social media to promote their services. I saw other PR agencies saying: “We are the company that can get you on This Morning!” Michelle and Christian stood out by NOT over-promising – even though they can deliver those results. They were just sharing a message – that it WAS possible to tell your story – in a way that aligned with my core values. I knew they could make my customers feel that TV, radio and newspapers were accessible to them, so I was delighted when they came on board.

PR masterclasses that add value.

The Visibility Queen Academy is an all-female community, but Christian was immediately accepted as one of the girls! Both he and Michelle come on their monthly lives without all the glitz and glam you might expect from a PR company; their focus is simply on adding value.

Every time you come to one of their PR sessions, it’s a masterclass filled with absolute gold. Yes, we have fun, with everything from imaginary trumpet playing – tooting to success – to PR tips inspired by the music of ABBA, but no matter how many times I hear them, I come away from the calls learning something new… something that resonates. Their sessions are included free of charge as a bonus of Academy membership, but many of my customers have gone on to work privately 1:1 with Michelle and Christian too.

Seen Party | Credit: Aga Mortlock Photography

Amazon best-seller success.

In addition to my own best-selling autobiography, Living with Dolls, I have created two charitable book collaboration projects – Seen and Seen Too – which have also become Amazon best-sellers. Write on Time Ltd were my PR partner for both books; I trusted 30 contributors across both projects to their care. Having already shown courage in contributing a chapter, it was another big ‘ask’ to then say to my authors: “Let’s go and get some PR.” They needed a PR team who could look after them in that vulnerable, emotional state – and I knew they would be in safe hands.

In addition to the press releases that Michelle and Christian prepared to highlight my role in the Seen projects, my contributors have also been supported to secure press coverage all over the country – including on Muslim TV. Michelle and Christian spoke the truth to them with love – giving them the confidence to be seen.

The biggest compliment I can pay Michelle and Christian is that they feel like home.


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