Mandy Wong Oultram.

Award-Winning Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Mandy Wong Oultram

‘‘I want to be like Joe Wicks!

During the pandemic, my client base halved. I wanted to get more visible, and I thought being in the press might be a way of doing that. My goals were to build awareness around my brand on a national or global level, and to show people why it’s important to introduce fitness into their lifestyle… I want to be like Joe Wicks!

So, in February 2021, I invested in a ‘Business Box’ experience with Sue France, founder of Creative Connecting in Cheshire. I’d had some previous local press success using Write on Time Ltd’s Pivot Pack© – as well as taking part in their free ‘Pitch to the Press’ challenge – so I picked a coaching session with Michelle and Christian.

Building press connections.

My big takeaway from that first PR Power Hour was: Be open to ALL media opportunities. Look out for reporters making case study appeals; then put your hand up if you’re a good fit. Within four weeks, I’d ‘gone national’ for the first time – appearing in The Sun on Sunday to talk about innovative ways of using credit cards. To make sure my business got a mention, I explained how I’d used a 0% interest rate deal to finance a home gym extension for my virtual PT sessions.

That experience gave me a hunger – a thirst – for more press coverage. Learning that reporters were interested in speaking to me was a huge mindset shift. I set out to build connections with the press – being open to any opportunities which gave me a chance to namecheck FlexFit.

I spoke about everything from my sister walking me down the aisle in the HuffPost to why it’s okay to quit your dream job in Metro. In the last 15 months, however, I have become more selective. These days, I only put myself forward for opportunities that are directly related to fitness. It’s paid off, with articles in titles such as Health & Wellbeing and Men’s Fitness, as well as my absolute dream publication: Stylist.

Embracing expertise.

Yours magazine published my top five recommended exercises in a double-page spread alongside the ‘how to’ advice I provided. Articles like these make me feel more confident in my work. If national publications see me as an expert, then I must be! It helps with retaining clients in Cheshire too. People who are ready to commit to their fitness goals want to be with the best trainer in the local area. Repeated press coverage helps them to view me that way. When potential clients look me up on social media and my website, I stand out immediately as a credible trainer compared to others who have not been featured as an expert in the press.

Of course, when I won ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’ at the Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards 2020/21, I wrote a press release for my local newspapers: The Sentinel and the Macclesfield Express. Now, I get approached by awards companies inviting ME to enter. They can see that, when I am successful, I tell my story to multiple newspapers, which gives them a visibility boost as well.

As featured in…

Feature ideas.

In my last PR Power Hour with Michelle and Christian, they gave me an idea for the feature that keeps on giving! I pitched a New Year fitness article to Cheshire Life, which resulted in a four-page glossy magazine spread. I’ve since updated the article for New Year’s 2023 and it’s being scheduled for print in one of the country’s most-circulated newspapers!

When you book a PR Power Hour with Michelle and Christian, it’s not just an hour of their time you get. It’s the support afterwards. They keep in touch and continue to champion you. I feel like I am in their world.

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